Energy examples
YPN Committee - EIHK
Ms.Zico Sit - YPN Chair
Ms. Hayton Chan - YPN Vice Chair
Ms. Vivi Lau - YPN Vice Chair
Ms. Erica Kong - YPN Secretay
Mr. Vincent Chung - YPN Treasurer

Mr. Stephen Wong - YPN Committee Member
Ms. Susan Chow- YPN Committee Member
Ms. Melody Wong - YPN Advisor
Mission Statement
To encourage and enable the personal and professional development of aspiring Engineers with the long term aim of providing support for the sustainable development of the local branch and home council of the Energy Institute
Forthcoming Events
Student Ambassador Scheme 2023-24
31 January 2024 Wed 18:00-19:00 (HKT)
EI Chartership Sharing
Past Events
24 July 2021 (deadline)
01 August 2021 (deadline)
Energy Institute Hong Kong Student Ambassador Scheme 2021-22
14 August 2020
EIHK Ambassador Scheme 2020-2021
1 August 2020
Hygience Management with Energy Saving Disinfection Practice
16 Oct 2019
Career Talk for EEEN - Chinese University of Hong Kong
28 Sept 2019
Technical Visit to O Park
24 August 2019
Technical Visit to T-Park
1 June 2019
Technical Visit to Daya Bay Nuclear Power Site
13 April 2019
Technical Visit to Green Island Cement Company
21 March 2019
Guided Tour to Arcadis Office
5 January 2019
Career Talk for Thei
24 November 2018
Demonstration and Application of Autonomous-Inspection Drone
23 November 2018
Career Development for Young Engineers
17 November 2018
Autumn Outing 2018: Lamma Wind Power Station + BBQ
11 September 2018
SEE Dialogue with Professionals "Careers in the Energy Profession"
25 August 2018
Squid Fishing Night

Energy Institute (Hong Kong Branch)

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